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5 Facts About Tooth Extractions – Emergency Dentist Centurion

Tooth extractions are necessary in some bad cases where your emergency dentist Centurion isn’t able to save the tooth. However, when proper oral care is in place and you visit your dentist regularly you can avoid the inevitable extraction.

In this post, we want to talk about tooth extractions and how sometimes wisdom teeth makes it necessary even when you have healthy teeth.

Here are 5 important facts about extracting your teeth and how your dentist in Centurion can help – Emergency Dentist Centurion

  • Pericoronitis

    Pericoronitis is one of the number one causes for wisdom teeth extractions. This condition causes the tissue around the partially erupted wisdom tooth to swell, leading to discomfort and chances of infection among other. It may require surgery to remove a partially grown wisdom tooth as seen in the case of pericoronitis.

  • Periodontitis

    A large number of adult patients suffer from periodontitis and it is more prevalent in patients who spent a number of years smoking. Poor oral care can also lead to patients suffering from periodontitis. This disease causes damage to the tissue and bone, which leads to cracked teeth, decay, and tooth loss. The dentist will extract loose teeth to prevent further discomfort.

  • Tooth extractions isn’t as painful

    Your dentist uses a local anesthetic to manage pain and numb the area. Patients may feel more pain after the anesthesia wears off but it can be managed with pain meds. However, some patients find that they don’t need meds because the pain isn’t that bad.

  • You can avoid extractions

    Procedures such as root canal treatment and dental restorations, which, where possible can avoid an extraction.

  • Simple extractions

    Simple extractions are some of the most common procedures that your affordable dentist in Centurion deals with regularly and does not require surgery.

Other important things to consider when having your tooth extracted are that the anesthetic may cause drowsiness and that it’s very important not to drive. Rather arrange that someone picks you up after seeing your dentist. Visiting your dentist regularly can help avoid extractions because it takes a trained eye to see the problem before it becomes worse. Early detection can save you the trouble of losing your teeth. For all your emergency dentist Centurion requirements please call us TODAY

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