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We are change management and FAIS specialists who design people change initiatives for strategic projects and business initiatives.

Enterprise Change Managers
We are change specialists who design people change initiatives for strategic projects and business initiatives.

Training, Facilitation, Coaching and HR Services
We offer coaches and facilitators for delivery of bespoke and specific business acumen programs with the support of an established learner support centre

Online Class of Business Courses
At Growth In Motion, we are regarded as premier suppliers of FAIS and Class of Business training. We have now taken our offering to another level, with our online courses for Class of Business training as required by the FSCA (FSB).

Services that Growth in Motion provide to their clients:

FAQ: Growth in Motion

Who Should Attend Class of Business Training?
All Representatives working under supervision as at 1 April 2018 or appointed under supervision after 1 April 2018. Depending on the approved products for a licensed FSP, a Representative (Rep) will have to complete the applicable COB together with all subclasses which are relevant. A Key Individual (KI) must also, prior to managing or overseeing any financial service, complete COB training for those classes for which he/she is mandated.

What is Class of Business (COB)?
Class of business in the context of financial services, is the generic training that focuses on general product category knowledge in relation to a specific Line of Business. According to Section 29 (4) of the Board Notice 194 of 2017 (the Act) which became operational on 1 April 2018, all product sub categories have been divided into nine Classes of Business. Within each class, there are relevant subclasses.

What is CPD?
It is an abbreviation for Continuous Professional Development. The requirement is met by earning a certain number of CPD hours. Key Individuals in a supervisory capacity and representatives in a advisory capacity must meet this requirement. It is to ensure that they maintain their competence and stay up-to-date with changes and developments in the financial/insurance industry.

Does everyone have to do CPD?
No. Representatives of Category 1 FSPs who ONLY work in the simplest funeral plan products (Long Term Insurance subcategory A) and/or Stokvel-type products (Friendly Society benefits), and those who work ONLY in Tier 2 products, and/or those who ONLY render intermediary services in Tier 1 products do not have to do CPD activities.
If you give advice in Tier 1 financial products, you have to engage in CPD activities.
Please consult your compliance officer to ensure you have the correct information

How long is a CPD Cycle?
A CPD cycle is 12 months, starting on 1st June each year and running until 31st May the following year.

Below are some of our online courses you can do with Growth in Motion:

  1. Financial Intelligence Centre Amendment Act (FICAA)
  2. FAIS & The Financial Services Sector
  3. Advice and Intermediary Services in terms of FAIS
  4. Investment Planning (Cash, Bonds, Equity & property)
  5. Class of Business courses
  6. Continuous Professional Development

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