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Caring For All Your Piano Needs. We specialize in piano transport and piano tuning with over 30 years of experience

We care for ALL your piano needs. With over 30 years’ experience, we can assist you with anything and everything piano! We specialize in tuning and transport of any piano anywhere in South Africa. If you have a piano they you need tuned or transported contact us today.

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FAQ – The Piano Man Services

  • How do I know if my piano is an upright or a grand piano?
    The easiest way to determine this would be by looking at the instrument as this is one of the most distinguishable factors. Upright pianos are more compact with vertical strings and normally sit up against a wall with a flat rear. Grand pianos lie flat with the strings horizontally and have 3 legs and have flat top almost like a table. Grand pianos are generally larger and need more care than upright pianos.
  • How do I know if I own a piano or a pump organ (trap orrel)?
    The technology used in a piano is very different and as a result their appearance differs. A piano uses hammers and strings to produce a tone while a pedal organ uses wind and bellows. Pedal organs have levers and / or knobs and also have additional keyboards while a piano always only has a single keyboard. The sound generated is also very different, a piano will be able to play without the pedals being suppressed while an organ would always require someone to use the pedals to generate wind.
  • How do I know if I have a piano or a keyboard / electronic piano?
    A piano is made from natural materials and as a result their appearance differs greatly. The biggest difference would be that a keyboard or electronic piano is cased in plastic or synthetic materials and makes use of electronics and circuits and needs a plug point while a piano can be played just by depressing the keys. A keyboard is often more compact and portable than a piano.
  • Why is pitch important?
    Pitch is standardized at A=440. Which means that the note A4(note 37) on the piano is vibrating at 440Hz per second. All instruments are tuned to this and if you want to be able to play the piano with other instruments then your piano needs to be pitched thus. Also pianos are built with this pitch as a tonal frame of reference.
  • Why does my piano need to be tuned to A440 and not related to where it is at present?
    All instruments today are pitched with the reference point of A=440. In order to be in sync with other instruments you need to set the piano at A=440. However certain older pianos are not able to be pitched at 440hz and were originally pitched at 435hz. This type of piano can still be in tune with itself and sound good on its own.

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